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Zoe & Joel's Orchardleigh House Wedding

Zoe & Joel are a pretty cool couple. Being a policewoman and a paramedic can't always be easy, but they have the most amazing relationship which hopefully shines through in these photos.

They chose to have their wedding in the beautiful (tiny!) church on the Orchardleigh House grounds, which is a short drive away, or you can take the helicopter! Zoe had arranged the surprise and watched from her window as I made excuses for Joel to stand outside whilst it arrived over the hill, he got quite a shock! High spirits continued throughout the entire day and then Joel got his own back in the evening with a huge surprise firework display, complete with a firey Z & J. All it was a day full of love, surprises and I'm positive many great memories, it was a blast.

Thanks to the team at Orchardleigh House who yet again were fantastic. Orchardleigh's website is www.orchardleigh.net/

If you're having your wedding there then get in touch!

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