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To create beautiful, bespoke wedding albums I use Folio Albums. Using only the highest quality materials these albums are stunning and made to last! The photos are printed directly onto each page and we can work together to design your album exactly how you want it – ten photos on one page, or full page spreads, it’s up to you!

The following options include plenty of pages, the highest quality paper, ink and your names gently debossed on the cover. Further options such as album size and colour are flexible and will be discussed when you order.

Option 1 – £415

You chose the photos, I create the design. Once you have chosen the materials and for your album, you leave it to me to carefully design the album for you. You may make requests regarding image editing and maybe you’re sure you want a certain four photos on the same page, but no drafts will be sent to and from, it’ll be a surprise!

Option 2 – £445

This includes all of the above however, we work together to design the album exactly how you want it. Perhaps you leave it to me to start with then make a couple of changes, or you may even want to design your album page by page yourself as a sketch on paper then let me do the rest. The final plan will be sent to you before it goes off to print and changes can be made at any point.

Option 3 – £600

This package is everything you could want. You receive all of the design flexibility from package 2, plus two mini albums alongside the main album. These are adorable, scaled down miniatures made of the same colourfull sizehigh class materials and are ideal for parents as a unique gift. Additional miniatures can also be added.

“At Folio we’re obsessed with creating beautiful fine art albums for photographers who are passionate about quality and substance”

For more albums information you can contact me by clicking here ( ) or call me on 07732182480.