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Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Informal, natural, reportage but overall friendly and unobtrusive. I believe in letting you enjoy your day, you probably want as little to do with me as possible and that’s fine! I’m good at blending in and wont be bossing anyone around, which brings us onto group shots..

Q. Do you take group shots?

A. I do! As quickly and efficiently as possible. Not many people enjoy having their photo taken and would much rather be sipping bubbly. I like to quickly get everyone together and grab a shot whilst they’re still beaming.

Q. Do you make albums?

A. Yes! Even more in this day and age I believe an album is important and indeed a very special way to look back on your memories. I’ve chosen a company that provides the very highest quality (without breaking the bank) and I’m always blown away by the quality. All the info you’ll need to know can be found here; Albums

Q. What if we’d like to print photos ourselves?

A. You receive every photograph in gloriously high resolution with full printing rights, so I highly encourage it! Your album will also be uploaded to a password protected gallery where yourselves/friends/family can view the album or purchase high quality prints in the client area.

Q. What if something goes wrong?

A. A huge effort is made to ensure everything goes as well as it possibly can. Starting off on the right foot, I aim to always arrive early. Whilst I’m shooting, every photo is being saved onto two separate memory cards to avoid malfunctions and if the camera has problems, I have a spare. Straight after the wedding everything is uploaded as backups onto multiple hard drives.

If I’m ill every effort will be made to ensure my replacement and I have a network of trusted photographers for this reason. If (god forbid) you need to cancel, you most likely won’t lose the full amount. This is laid out in more detail in your contract; you will lose a percentage of the full price depending on how close it is to the day, it could very likely just be the deposit. Few! Back to the positives!

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, I have full Indemnity and Liability insurance.

Q. How long does it take for our photos to be delivered?

A. Usually three weeks, it may be longer during the summer months but if so not by much.

Q. Do you charge for travel?

A. Within Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire or the Cotswolds is probably fine, if it’s much more than an hour away I like to stay nearby the night before to avoid potential travel problems and charge £65 plus 30p per mile after 50 miles.

Q. Do you do a winter discount?

A. Sometimes! Email me to find out!

Q. What are your favourite venues?

A. There are just so many awesome ones out there, but The lost Orangery, Grittleton House, Priston Mill, The Square Club Bristol and The Great Tythe Barn Tetbury spring to mind. I also love a good barn or marquee wedding!

Q. Sounds good! We’d like to book you, what now?

A. Get in touch and let me know when and where your wedding is, fingers crossed I’m available, and then we’ll meet so I can show you some photos and discuss all your plans. Once you’re 100% happy, there’s a contact to be returned with a £250 deposit and then we’re booked! You can email me here or feel free to call me on 07732182480.