Best Wedding Photography of 2020

(By me at least!)

It’s been an emotional 2020. For myself as a wedding photographer and of course for all of the couples affected. Honestly the seemingly non stop cancellations were hard, many people were forced to cancel 3 – 4 times and my heart went out to them every time. But it really hasn’t been all bad!

Plenty of happy tears were cried this year and it was an absolute honour to capture them. I savoured every wedding that could take place and they felt very special as a result. Plus I learnt that smaller weddings can be awesome! They’re a very different beast and don’t get me wrong I’m missing big parties like nobodies business, but micro weddings have their own charms and the intimacy was often lovely. 

So I won’t look back on 2020 bitter, going through these photos reminds me of the many happy moments of the year and I’m more thankful than ever to be doing this job, even if it’s not as often as I would like. Bring on a packed 2021!

If you like my work I’d love to hear from you, tell me all about your day below!

A big thank you to the venues that managed to make things work this year. Euridge Manor and Grittleton House that are real favourites of mine. Marshwood Manor, Bristol Harbour Hotel and Ashbarton were new to me but absolutely wonderful, I hope to be back!